Project Features

  • Community Board & Interface

  • Server Rates

  • Inspect Player

  • Character Hidden Status

  • Certifications

  • Achievements

  • Rebirths

  • Party Matching

  • Auto/AFK Farming

  • Custom Zones

  • Grand/Raid Bosses

  • Donate Shop

Active Community Board

Our server uses a custom community board with plenty of new features and information about the game!



With our unique server interface, you have a plethora of options to ease your game experience.

Server Rates

Bellow are the Server Rates and information about our core systems.


Enchant System


Drop System


Spoil System

Inspect Player

Our server features an all new and custom player inspect system. You see a players stats and inventory by search or on the death report screen.

Character Hidden Status

You can see all of your hidden stats and status. Most of them are hidden from you in the main game!


With the new Certification System you can get your certification skills without the need to subclass and do the quests.
You can only get the skills on your main class but you cannot get skills that are locked for your class! Reset and Learn skills is now free.


Achievements are the prize for enduring players. Conquer all levels of achievements to earn three epic items.


Need something new to do after reaching LvL 85? Try our Rebirth system
When you rebirth you reset your LvL back to 40 and gain new passives to make you even more powerfull! You can Rebirth up to 12 times.

Party Matching

A Custom Party Matching System with a lot of usefull info you may need.

Auto Farming

Use the free Auto Farm system.


AFK Farming

8 hours in AFK Farming equals 2 hours of real in game farm.

Custom Zones

Fantasy Isle

PvP Zone: The red circles are the 12 random teleports.


Las Vegas


Aerial Cleft

Try on Skins


New Necropolis/Catacombs

School of Dark Arts

Grand Bosses


Raid Bosses

Donate Shop



Donate Shop

Description of the L2Iconx15 server

L2Icon High Five - Server Rates:

Experience (EXP) Amount - x15
Skills Points (SP) Amount - x15
Adena Chance - x1
Adena Amount - x7
Seal Stones Chance - x1
Seal Stones Amount - x5
Knight's Epaulette Chance - x1
Knight's Epaulette Amount - x5
Drop Chance - x5
Drop Amount - x1
Spoil Chance - x5
Spoil Amount - x1
Grand/Raid Bosses Drop Chance - x3
Grand/Raid Bosses Drop Amount - x1
Element Stone Chance - 45%
Element Crystal Chance - 30%