Server Grand Opening on 26/04/2024 20:00 GMT+2!

We are happy to announce our Grand Opening on 26/04/2024 20:00 GMT+2!

After a long journey, we are finally ready to welcome all of you in our server. 
We hope that you enjoy your time with us!
We are available to help you and answer all of your questions on our Discord.

April 01, 2024

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L2Icon Grand Opening:

Description of the L2Iconx15 server

L2Icon High Five - Server Rates:

Experience (EXP) Amount - x15
Skills Points (SP) Amount - x15
Adena Chance - x1
Adena Amount - x7
Seal Stones Chance - x1
Seal Stones Amount - x5
Knight's Epaulette Chance - x1
Knight's Epaulette Amount - x5
Drop Chance - x5
Drop Amount - x1
Spoil Chance - x5
Spoil Amount - x1
Grand/Raid Bosses Drop Chance - x3
Grand/Raid Bosses Drop Amount - x1
Element Stone Chance - 45%
Element Crystal Chance - 30%