Server Beta Available on 19/04/2024 20:00 GMT+2!

Finally, our server will be available for all of you to try and test on 19/04/2024 20:00 GMT+2!

For all your feedback, suggestions and questions, please contact us on our Discord.

April 01, 2024

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L2Icon Grand Opening:

Description of the L2Iconx15 server

L2Icon High Five - Server Rates:

Experience (EXP) Amount - x15
Skills Points (SP) Amount - x15
Adena Chance - x1
Adena Amount - x7
Seal Stones Chance - x1
Seal Stones Amount - x5
Knight's Epaulette Chance - x1
Knight's Epaulette Amount - x5
Drop Chance - x5
Drop Amount - x1
Spoil Chance - x5
Spoil Amount - x1
Grand/Raid Bosses Drop Chance - x3
Grand/Raid Bosses Drop Amount - x1
Element Stone Chance - 45%
Element Crystal Chance - 30%